“The cultural diversity has allowed me to learn many things and grow as a person. In addition, I’m lucky enough to live with 80 other girls who have become my family here in Spain.”

Cristina Vasilief (Romania)

CM Olabidea • 1º Marketing student

“In Alumni College, we want our students to be well-prepared academically so that they may grow to be exemplary professionals. We hope that, in the future, our residents become professionals who can readily take on the issues faced by society.”

Inés Sánchez-Ventura

CM Goroabe • Law Professor at the University of Navarra

The Colegio Mayor Jaizkibel is my home in San Sebastián—living here is truly a blessing. In addition to feeling like home, Jaizkibel broadens our cultural horizons and helps us to be critical thinkers.”

Patricia Amat

CM Jaizkibel • 4º Industrial Engineering student

“Each person that passes through Goimendi is, at the very least, a bit more service-oriented than when they first entered. This spirit of service is taught to us through the example of older residents.”

Laura Pernas (Coruña)

CM Goimendi • Business Administration and Management student

“Our success wouldn’t be possible without the help of our mentors. Our mentors are always there to guide us along the right path, celebrating our accomplishments and supporting us in our setbacks.”

Lisy Cruz (Dominican Rep.)

CM Aldaz • 2º Advertising and Public Relations student
alfonso sanchez-tabernero

“The University of Navarra strives to provide students with a stimulating environment conducive for personal growth and maturation. Thanks to our residences and their formational activities, this is possible.”

Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero

Rector at the University of Navarra

“In terms of professional development, the experience of living in a residence and participating in its activities instilled in me a value for service and attentiveness towards others. Living in a residence promotes personal enrichment and the discovery of new interests.”

Isabel Tocino

Former student • Ex-Minister of the Environment

“Our children are entering an exciting world where bodies of knowledge are constantly evolving. Therefore, skills such as the ability to “unlearn”, to adapt to change and interact with different cultures, to be a leader, manage a team and empathize with others are all essential. Living in a residence is one of the best opportunities we can offer our children, for there they can develop these qualities—qualities which I believe to be fundamental in our modern world.”

Joaquim Falgueras

Father of a student • General Manager of and Vice President of Intercom Group

“During my time in a Colegio Mayor, I learned a lot and matured as a person. There I was able to develop skills and habits that have been proven essential in my professional career. Getting involved in resident life instilled values in me that are not easily acquired outside the residence’s unique service and academic-centered environment.”

Florinda Salinas

Former student • Journalist and writer